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Commercial Glazing Services in Indianapolis

Ready for Anything

From a simple service call to an engineered drawing, from skyscrapers and large buildings to schools and shops, our technicians are dedicated to meeting your needs.

With our experience working on various construction projects around central Indiana, we are equipped to work on any project and provide you with services from the beginning developments of your project to seeing your project come to life in construction.

Developing Your Project

Planning is vital to any project and having experts involved in the design of your construction project will help your project be successful from the very beginning. With our Project Developmental Design service, we provide you with glazing experts who will assist you in the construction drawing and design of the glass and architectural metal portions of your design.

Establishing a Budget

We know that establishing a budget is essential to the success of your project. That’s why we offer Budget Establishment Assistance to help you create an accurate, comprehensive budget for your project in the pre-bid phase. Our trained team will help you estimate the costs and installation methods for the glass portions of your project and work with you to create a reliable budget with your needs in mind.

Proofing Your Design

Before you begin construction on your project, it is important to ensure there are no errors that could cause increases in cost or other construction problems. We provide experts to proof your projects with our Pre-Project Design Proofing to ensure that your design will be cost-effective and to eliminate construction conflicts before construction begins.

Our professional design proofing will give you confidence in your project’s success and long-term strength.

Seeing Your Design

Our Built Design Reference Models are developed by glazing experts to give you a vision of the glass and architectural metal portions of your project before construction begins. With this model, we can work with you to ensure that the project will flow smoothly and bring your vision to life.

Contact us today and let our trained professionals help you bring your project to life.

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