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When to Replace Your Commercial Glass

The glass you keep in your commercial building should always be kept pristine. While regular cleanings are important, it is also crucial to know when it is time to get a total replacement.

After It Breaks

Whether your glass breaks from burglars or the weather, you need to get new glass put in immediately. The reason is that it is not safe to have broken glass anywhere near your building even if you put up caution tape. Additionally, having a store with a broken window sends a negative message to potential customers. Do not delay getting new glass installed.

Complaints of Glare

Depending on how your store is situated in relation to the sun, you might get a lot of glare in your store throughout the day. This is uncomfortable for customers and workers alike. If you receive multiple complaints, look into getting new glass that can cut back on glare.

Enhance Efficiency

Numerous perks can be gained if your business decides to go green. Any easy way to do that is to install energy efficient glass. If you find yourself too reliant on the HVAC system, see what kind of glass is recommended for you.
The right glass can make all the difference in how others perceive your business. Call Hoosier Glass Co. in Indianapolis at 317-897-1818 to see what options you have.