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Repair or Replacement: Glass and Your Business Space

Curb appeal doesn't just apply to homes. Your business has curb appeal too. Even though the goal might not be to sell your office, the outdoor appeal of your commercial space can bring in new customers or make clients feel confident in choosing your business. That means you need to make sure that your building's façade looks its best.
What happens when you have a cracked window or a broken glass door? Your building's curb appeal starts to go downhill. Luckily for you, keeping that crack, chip or break isn't necessary. With some help from the professionals, you can have your old window back before you know it. That said, deciding whether to repair or replace your glass isn't always easy.
If you're wondering whether to repair your business's windows or go with brand-new ones, take a look at the need-to-know information that can help you to make a major decision.

Start With the Experts

Unless you have in-depth knowledge of glass, windows and doors, you may need some help getting all the facts. It may seem like a window with a tiny little crack is a suitable candidate for a repair, but the expert may see things differently.
Don't stress about making a decision on your own. A professional consultation gives you an expert evaluation of the situation and provides you with options.
Keep in mind, a professional glass contractor may have creative solutions or ideas that you wouldn't otherwise think about. If you're still unsure, ask the expert for a few different choices. If it's possible to go in different ways, the professional will give you the basics behind what each selection can do for your space and why you should, or shouldn't, choose it.

Safety Issues

People are coming in and out of your business. Whether customers, clients or your staff are walking around, a cracked window or cracked glass is a safety issue. While you can temporarily stabilize the crack with tape, this is far from a realistic fix.
A large crack or one that continues to grow requires replacement. If you have a small scratch that doesn't go through your glass, the professionals may be able to suggest a repair. But if the crack is long or looks like a spider web, you will probably need a new pane.
Make sure to keep everyone away from the window until the experts can come in and replace the glass. A crack can lead to something much more major, and no one should be near glass when it shatters.

Glass-Only Issues

Keep in mind, cracked glass doesn't always equal a full window replacement. There's a difference between a glass replacement and a window replacement. Replacing the glass means that you keep the frame and the professionals put in a new pane of glass. Whereas, a window replacement requires a contractor to remove the entire frame (along with the window sill) and put in an entirely new system.
Unless the frame is damaged or you want a different type of glass, you aren't likely to need a full window replacement for a crack or a chip. Some business owners opt for a complete replacement if they want to reduce drafts and move from an old single-pane model to a multi-pane window.
Before deciding to replace your windows and not just the glass, take a look at your entire building. Replacing one window may look odd if you have multiple windows right next to each other. You might need to replace all of the windows to give the exterior a fresh, professional look.
Do you have a crack or do you need your business's glass repaired? Hoosier Glass Co. can help.