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Privacy Glass Options for Your Dental Clinic

privacy glass

You want your dental clinic to offer a sense of welcome calm to your customers, and the best way to do this is to make your clinic as private and comforting as possible. One thing you can do to give your patients a sense of privacy and peace is install privacy glass. When you next have the opportunity to improve your clinic, consider the following privacy glass options as you redesign the space.


For stylish windows and doors that draw the eye while still offering optimum privacy, consider decorative glass. This glass is specially designed with detailed texture for a soothing appeal that your patients will appreciate. Decorative glass types to speak to your glass specialist about include:

  • Glue Chip
  • Rain
  • Obscure
  • Flemish

Each type of decorative glass is rated on a scale for privacy, so make sure you choose the style that works best for your needs. You can talk with your glass specialist to learn more about the potential benefits and drawbacks of each style.


If you are seeking a more professional finish for your dental clinic's doors and windows, then a frosted window install may work best. Using a professional frosting spray or a textured sheet, your glass expert can transform your windows into beautiful privacy glass that is also energy efficient, as it blocks heat from entering your building.

While you may be tempted to purchase frosting spray and cover your windows yourself, you may have a difficult time doing the job on your own due to your climate, your privacy desires, and the necessary permanency. For the best and longest-lasting results, have a professional frost your glass.


Tinted windows offer you a variety of styles and professional finishes you can enjoy in your dental clinic. One popular style is a tinted window that blocks people from seeing in but allows for natural light and optimum visibility looking out. Another style you can consider is a colored glass tint, such as green, blue, or black, to give your rooms a more private appeal without entirely blocking outside observers from seeing in.

Some tints even allow for different degrees of privacy based on the angle a person is looking through them. Head on, these windows can appear entirely frosted while a sideways glance offers a more transparent view.

Since there are so many different types of tints with different functions (UV-ray protection, privacy, decoration, and so forth), speak to your window install expert about your window needs so they can help you choose the best tint for your clinic.


In addition to having your windows treated so they have a stronger privacy barrier, you will want to consider having the windows in patient rooms soundproofed. To soundproof them, you don’t have to entirely replace your current windows: you just need to install an extra pane that has soundproofing qualities.

Soundproof windows drown out distressing exterior noise such as traffic or nearby construction. A quieter room allows you to play soft music or have soothing waterfall noises in the background to keep patients calm and relaxed during their procedures.

When you install privacy glass, your remodel can give your dental clinic an upgraded, welcoming appearance that will make your office more welcoming, help patients feel more comfortable, and make your entire clinic seem more professional and trustworthy.

For all your glass needs, our expert team at Hoosier Glass Company is here to make your office look professional and modern. Whether you desire privacy glass or simply need more engaging windows, we have a wide selection of styles and the right installation technique to give you beautiful, long-lasting results. Contact us to learn more.