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Five Types of Automatic Doors

Automatic doors provide convenience, accessibility and control. They also provide security, allowing building access only to authorized people. These doors conserve energy, keeping temperature constant without the need for frequent air conditioning and heating adjustments. Consider the different types:
  1. Sliding doors - These are used for traffic both ways and are found as single sliding doors, parting sliding doors or telescopic sliding doors.
  2. Swinging doors - These are used for directional traffic, meaning only in one direction, either in or out. These doors are available in either single, double or in a pair.
  3. Folding doors - These are the best option when there is a lack of space. People can move in either direction using the same opening.
  4. Revolving doors - This type has two, three or four wings made of glass and allow multiple people in high traffic areas to enter and exit simultaneously. The doors are energy efficient, keep heating and cooling costs down and prevent drafts. 
  5. Low energy doors - A push plate activates this type, which is available in single or double doors or in pairs. Manual operation is also an option.
Automatic doors are effective in controlling people traffic and keeping energy costs low. Call Hoosier Glass Co. to learn more about different types of automatic doors.