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3 Benefits of Adding a Curtain Wall to Your Store

Curtain Wall

Opening a successful retail business is all about proper customer acquisition. Every aspect of the business should be catered to the customer and their needs —you want to keep them coming back again and again.

This is why window selection is so crucial in your business. The visuals on both the outside and inside can change the way a customer feels and reacts to your retail shop. One type of window option for your business is a curtain wall.

A curtain wall is typically framed with aluminum and features a pattern of large glass panels going up a majority of the business. In addition to creating a spectacular view of the building, curtain walls offer a number of practical uses for your retail business. Learn about how your business can thrive with a professional and elegant curtain wall.

Extreme Window Shopping

Window shopping can be taken to a whole new level when you install a curtain wall. The large windows on your retail business can feature plenty of space to showcase all types of products and promotions for your business.

For example, if your retail business sells clothing, then shirts and other outfits can be hung up directly in the windows. Each window panel can serve as a showcase for the items you want to promote. A sports retail store can use the windows to showcase various team jerseys — instead of just featuring a single team and risking alienating opposing fans.

A curtain wall also allows larger products to get featured in the windows of your business. For example, a home goods store can showcase large display models of showers, tubs, and kitchen fixtures. The large window panels give your business all types of different ideas to explore.

Energy Conservation

Today, shoppers not only appreciate a good experience, they also enjoy businesses who care about important matters. Adding a large curtain wall to the front of your business can help you conserve energy in a number of different ways.

Natural light can pour into the building and illuminate the whole area with vivid sunlight. Even if the windows are tinted to prevent too much glare from direct sunlight, the extra light can fill the store. This will ultimately save on electric costs, especially if your business is only open during daylight hours.

The extra sunlight can also provide heat and warmth during the winter months. This will help reduce costs on any type of heating bills.

Natural Light & Product Views

The expansion of natural light helps with your business's energy use, and it can provide a better view of products within the store. Natural light provides a true source of light so customers can see how colors and designs will look. Without the use of a curtain wall, your store's lighting may not accurately represent how products look outside the store.

This is especially important when it comes to home decor or clothing. People have specific tastes, and taking advantage of the natural light can help customers see how things truly look. This can help eliminate any returns that are caused by customers having a different perspective on a product when they arrive back home.

When a curtain wall is built high enough, it can fully illuminate your store — all of the aisles and merchandise you have for sale. A building plan can be set in place to design the wall and windows for maximum light exposure inside your store.

Our experienced glass workers at Hoosier Glass Co. can help with all phases of construction — including design and execution. In the end, you can have a curtain wall that really transforms how your business works. Contact us today to get started on the designs for your business’s curtain wall.