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3 Types of Exterior Glass Walls Used in Commercial Buildings


When designing your commercial building to include more glass, you have three types of walls from which to choose. All three types of walls increase the amount of light entering your building and enhance the exterior architecture. Here's a quick guide to the kinds of glass exterior walls commonly used in commercial buildings.

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Repair or Replacement: Glass and Your Business Space


Curb appeal doesn't just apply to homes. Your business has curb appeal too. Even though the goal might not be to sell your office, the outdoor appeal of your commercial space can bring in new customers or make clients feel confident in choosing your business. That means you need to make sure that your building's façade looks its best.

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Privacy Glass Options for Your Dental Clinic


You want your dental clinic to offer a sense of welcome calm to your customers, and the best way to do this is to make your clinic as private and comforting as possible. One thing you can do to give your patients a sense of privacy and peace is install privacy glass. When you next have the opportunity to improve your clinic, consider the following privacy glass options as you redesign the space.

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